Niki Haris

Madonna's longtime vocalist remembers her time with the Queen of Pop with us and talks about the time they spent together off stage.

Niki Haris sang and danced with Madonna for nearly 15 years. Along with the Queen of Pop and Donna she was a part of unforgettable trio which amazed fans around the world during now legendary tours. and During interview with us Niki talks about the time she spent with Madonna off stage and more!

Let's start with this - how did you end up working with Madonna? Donna told us about her audition and it was funny story! How was it in your case?

My story is long and too crazy to type...needless to say. But short version - I got a call to replace someone (must learn 17 songs and 17 dance numbers in a week and must fit the costumes!). Flew from Vegas where I was singing on another tour. Over 200 girls there when I arrive so I request to Madaonna that I go first so that I would make my flight back to my other job. She allows me to go first...I GET THE JOB!

Almost 15 years of collaboration with Madonna – 4 big world tours, awards shows, music videos... It's not a fair question but which moments will always be close to your to heart, those which belongs to something-to-remember part of your life so to speak.

The times that will remain close to me during "my Madonna years" are times we were OFF stage. Things like BB-Q's at Madonna's house, watching movies in her bed, her comforting me through the death of my sister, her visiting me when I broke my leg and was in a wheelchair, her letting me know I would dance again... and I DID! Rubbing her belly through her first pregnancy and her rubbing mine when I got pregnant with my daughter...I could go on and on...But so many memories remain because we were girls that became women together.

There was a certain chemistry between Donna, you and Madonna on the stage (something we-fans miss a lot by the way!) Do you think it's because you were close off stage too?

I believe our chemistry was great on stage because we WANTED it to be! We worked HARD together and after that many years of recording and collaborating together on so many projects, we found a groove that worked! We had good and bad times, as do ALL relationships, but again I say, we went from being young ladies (girls) to women in front of the world!

As we can see in Truth or Dare, Holiday was not only a warm-up song for you but also kind of feel good song. Does that number still makes you happy and brings good memories?

The song Holiday has fond memories for me. When I hear it, it reminds me of a time in my youth. When I hear it used in advertisements, it reminds me of how much time has gone by! We were all so young!

You were collaborating with Madonna when she was at her peak but also where things weren't that good like during Erotica/Sex Book backlash in 1992-93. Did you feel that Madonna, you and whole team were affected by notorious criticism and out-of-proportion media frenzy during this particular period of time?

I never felt affected by "Madonna criticism" during that period.People who know me know what I stand for. The only incident I ever encountered was when I was confronted by a woman at a church who had issues with Madonna's persona because she did NOT know her and she projected that issue on to me... I asked her to do what Jesus would do for someone that he THOUGHT "lost their way" - FORGIVE THEM!

Madonna was always all about re-inventing herself. As someone who worked with her so long and was a friend did you feel like she was becoming a new person everytime she was displaying a new image/public persona?

Madonna is, was and probably will always be HERSELF. I never thought clothes or shoes or make-up changed who she authentically was and is. Marketing is something she and her team do well. God bless them in this age of branding!

Have you seen any of her tours after you stopped working together?

I have not seen her tours as my life took a different path after that and I sing so much jazz and inspirational music and in those genres Madonna is rarely mentioned, sorry. I have just not had an opportunity with my young daughter as well who is just starting to learn about pop music...And she loves groups I have never heard of!

Does your daughter see mommy as a singer, a star? Are you telling her stories from your amazing musical journey or it is something she's not aware of yet?

My daughter knows I am a singer. Her friends care more than she does. Their parents seem to have told them of my history so they always think I will burst into a song for them...My daughter just knows it is what Mommy does for a living. She still does not really get the whole "Madonna" thing. She is fine with her own life...Basically, Pokemon and Sonic. Who knew?!

You have an impressive music career on your own. You did jazz records, gospel and even some disco stuff. In what genre you find yourself most comfortable?

As far as musical genres, I always love what I am currently singing... If I had to do the same thing over and over that would be a SLOW DEATH to me. When I sing, whatever that is, I love it! My heart is closest to inspirational music but then again all music can be inspirational, right?

Of course! From the interviews and even Truth or Dare documentary you seem to be a very light-hearted person and natural-born entertainer. Do you enjoy bringing smiles on people faces, is that something you do purposely?

Bringing a smile to another person's face on purpose? I sure hope so!

Hope you don't mind, but we checked out your gallery and damn, you look great! What's your secret?

No secret...Just take a nap when you need it! REST IS BEST!

What are you up to these days? We are doing this interview while you are travelling around the world. Tell us more!

Just back from China touring. I was there with Terri Lynne Carrington, she's a winner of the 2012 Grammy Best Jazz Vocal Record. It was a blast! Finally recorded a song with Donna after all these years for her new record...A Copper Wimmen's song entitled Kinder. Heading to the Bahama's for The JAZZ CRUISE 2013 and back to finish my latest chant/inspirational record WHO I AM. Newest dance single drops in May entitled Love Somebody Else. Heading back on the road for summer 2013 - a little jazz, a few dance dates and vacationing with my daughter. YEAH!

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