Amazingly talented dancer shares with us what he learned from the Queen of Pop and which performance he will always remember!


Mihran was a part of madonna's gang which amazed us with their dancing skills during 2004-2006 period when 2 huge tours and many other unforgettable performances took place. he shares with us his memories and talks about his new non-dancing passion! 

You danced with Madonna during two huge world tours – Re-Invention and Confessions. From which one you have better memories?

Both tours were amazing experiences and memories. I worked with Madonna from the beginning of Re-Invention Tour into the Confessions Promo Tour and then Confessions Tour. To be honest the memories are all mashed up together from both tours. But I do have more memories from the Confessions Tour.

The backstage of her show must be one crazy place to be at, right?

The backstage is a show on it’s own. We all joke around, play games and prank one another. In other words we have are own little show going on backstage.

If you could choose one number from both of these tours you enjoyed the most dancing to - which one it would be and why?

The Re-Invention Tour - I have to say Music. It was fun having a short solo in the beginning of the song. Confession Tour – Music Inferno was a fun one because we got to rollerblade on stage. Ray of Light was a good one as well.

 Courtesy of Mihran Kirakosian

During Re-Invention Tour there were a lot of cameras around filming footage for the documentary. Did that make you more nervous, shy or contrary – it made whole experience even more exciting?

Having a camera crew filming us definitely made me more cautious about what I say or do. I think you can tell by watching the documentary, I’m barely in it. I was doing my best to stay away from the cameras. It just was not my thing at that moment in time.

Everyone remember your fantastic solo dancing during Live 8 concert. How did you feel back then performing in front of tens of thousands people there and billions watching this on TV around the world?

Live 8 performances was definitely one of a kind. Maybe the best dance memory till date. Just the fact that I was being watched by two hundred and fifty thousand people in Hyde park and billions watching on TV. It was an amazing feeling.

Madonna fans treat her dancers, singers and musicians like the stars themselves. Did you feel that love while travelling around the world?

Yes, I agree. The fans treated us like we were Madonna. I can definitely say that Madonna has some die-hard fans.

Is there anything you've learned from Madonna as a performer, dancer, singer?

I learned a lot from Madonna and everyone who worked in her circle. I was definitely surprised at how hard she worked. She would do long soundchecks everyday. She would go over songs she didn’t feel comfortable the night before and review some of the dance steps. Some days we have to be at the venue at 1:00 pm and the show does not start until 9:30pm. But I guess that’s what separates the best from the rest.

You tried yourself in singing too. Was it something you always wanted to do or you just gave a try?

I always wanted to be an artist before a dancer. I worked on both crafts at the same time, but dancing took off for me real quick and I just went with the flow.

You worked with the biggest names in the industry – Madonna, Britney, Ricky Martin, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas and Pink. Could you describe each collaboration with one word?

Madonna – amazing, Britney –learning, Ricky Martin – fun, Rihanna – great, Black Eyed Peas – experience, Pink – different.

After years of dancing and performing you became a choreographer. Was that a natural transition for you?

I’ve always had this natural ability to choreograph. The hard part was picking the right time to shift from dancer to choreographer. It’s like starting a new career.

Last year you choreographed music numbers for Selena Gomez tour and plenty of music videos. Tell us more about your current projects.

Well, I started directing music videos as well. I directed a dance music video for a dance company called Be Discovered. They are based out of Canada. This was a fun and exciting experience. More to come, including one for a new music artist.

Where and when we can see you performig in upcoming months? Both as a dancer and/or choreographer?

At the moment I’m not dancing but you can see some of my directing work within a month or two.

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I thank you all for your love and support. I wish you all nothing but love and success.  

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