Monte Pittman

 Monte Pittman talks about writing Easy Ride with Madonna and how he remembers her shows in Poland.

Monte Pittman began working with Madonna more than 10 years ago. at first he was teaching her playing a guitar. since then he went on tour with her five times, gave multiple tv performances and even co-wrote 'Easy ride' song for her 'american life' album. monte tells us how this song was born and what he felt during infamous birthday concert in warsaw.

You've been playing in Poland twice – during Sticky & Sweet and MDNA shows. Did you have time to do a little sightseeing around Warsaw?

I didn't get to see much. I went out last time we were there. The crew had a bar bq outside the stadium when we got there and we haven't had much time to do stuff like that so that's what I did. Warsaw is such a beautiful city with such beautiful people.

Sticky & Sweet show in Warsaw back in 2009 was a special one since it was in the eve of Madonna's birthday. As you may remember (and we hope you do! ;-)) almost 80.000 people sang Happy Birthday to her and showed white hearts. You've been there standing on the stage in front of those people. What was your reaction?

Everyone was touched. That was so sweet of all the fans. They love her so much and she loves them back.

We, MadonnaNewEra, coordinated the whole happy birthday/white hearts campaign so we are more than curious if you (meaning musicians, dancers, Madonna herself) talked about it afterwards. Please shed some light on the backstage talks!

We just said how sweet that was and how cool it was for everyone to organize that. It was special.

You co-wrote with Madonna Easy Ride which is easily one of the most outstanding tracks on American Life album. There's a certain sadness in it and thought of a passing time. Do you remember how this one was born? We assume that you must have been in a pretty nostalgic mood to write a song like this.

I think that comes from the "scale" it was written around. It came about by me teaching her the "Harmonic Minor" scale. With every scale, you have the chords that go with it. I would play certain chords and have her practice the scale over it, then she got an idea for a melody and lyrics. That's how that song was born.

 Monte and Madonna at her birthday party, London 2004.

In one of the interviews you said that there is a lot of more unreleased songs you wrote with Madonna. Did they happen while you were together on tour or you were a part of arranged meetings in the recording studio? Do you think we can hear them one day?

No. What I mean by that is we've written other things but haven't recorded them. I doubt we ever will. Sometimes you write a song and that inspires you to write a better song.

Is there any Madonna song you want to play on her tour but it never enters the setlist?

Yes. "Angel", "Love Profusion", "Intervention", "Lucky Star", "Take A Bow", "The Power Of Goodbye", To Have And Not To Hold", "Bad Girl", "Another Suitcase In Another Hall", "Oh Father", and of course "Easy Ride".  Just to name a few...

You worked with many talented singers throughout the years – Melanie C, Adam Lambert, Sophie Ellis Bextor or Scarlet Cherry just to name a few. Which one has a special place in your heart?

Well, Adam will always have a special place in my heart. We started a band together and it was his first time playing in a band. Seeing his success makes me really happy for him. I'm glad everything is going so well. I think it's safe to say we learned a lot from each other.

Last year you released your second album - Pain, Love & Destiny. Title itself is very telling. How would you describe it?

It tells the story of death and rebirth, light from darkness. I wanted it to be an acoustic album with drums and bass but people seeing me live spoke up and said they loved the guitar solos and I should add more. So then I added guitar solos to my new songs. Then it became a rock album. I just released my new EP "M.P.3: The Power Of Three, Pt. 1" and it's a stripped down acoustic album.

Which song of yours is the one you would call your signature song and why?

"Close Your Eyes" or "Out Of The Black" seem to be the crowd favorites at the moment. It kind of changes from time to time.

You happen to play a little guitar gigs between big shows you do for Madonna or other artists. What do you like the most about playing in intimate venues and small clubs? Especially after experiencing 80,000 crowd it must be a different feeling!

I like them all, it's like choosing your favorite kid. I love the intimacy of a small show but there's nothing like you clapping your hands above your head and seeing 80,000 people doing it too.

 Monte and Madonna performing at Koko Club, London 2005.

Is there any other instrument besides guitar you've always been dreaming of playing on?

I can play bass, a little drums and a little piano. I'm really focused on becoming a better singer. Singing isn't like talking, it's like playing an instrument inside your body.

And the last question – three words to your Polish fans?

Check out Decapitated! They are some friends of mine that live there. If you like the heavy stuff, check them out. Their guitar player, Vogg is one of my favorite new guitar players out there. Great guys too!

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