Madonna new era is born.

Internet is slower than molasses in January and our hosting account is no more than 2 MB! So we release our website on CDs being attached to some popular computer magazines.


We are flirting with Warner Music Poland and becoming the authorized website of Polish Official Madonna FC.

number of layouts we have created throughout 13 years.

Each of them was inspired by a different Era. Each was disparate. Each was the happening.


Number of master's or bachelor's thesis being written about our website and community! There are new to come!

donna de lory
in 2012 she gave her first interview in poland - to our website.

We're inaugurating Voices - a series of exclusive interviews with Madonna's closest collaborators.

we are running the first madonnamania - national party for polish fans.

Madonnamania has been organized many times throughout the years, often in collaboration with Polish media such as MTV Poland or TVP1 (national television) as well as worldwide brands like H&M, Alpenliebe or Avon.

inet award for best music www, the award under the patronage of POLISH minister of communication.

In 2005 we got the nomination in the same category.

have something on your conscience? confess!
the first polish facebook fanpage for m's fans is going online.


2013 - Dreams come true!

On October 17, Madonna comes to Berlin to open her Hard Candy Fitness Studio officially. We meet her on the red carpet and talk to her for few seconds. Check the video here!


it's not the end, it's the beginning!

We're organizing American Life promo party... in the Main Square of Wroclaw, one of the biggest cities in Poland.

The first forum for polish fans is going online.

In the pre-Facebook era it becomes a vibrant community that takes on relationships in the real world too.

We're coordinating the birthday event during the first concert in poland.

It becomes more than we expected. BBC says that Polish fans stopped Madonna's concert succesfully, her official website launches the video from the event and Madonna herself talks about the white hearts in the Rolling Stone interview as well as 3 years later during her second concert in Poland.

after 2,5 years on facebook only, we are back in business with the new layout.

Why? Because Facebook is not enough. Because we still want to make things "for the first time". Because we want to discuss about Madonna in more serious way and we want to study Madonna-ism. Because we want to make the impossible possible.